ALEX REYNOSO also known as ALEX REY in the Fashion Industry is the owner of Active & Fit Wholesale located at 380 New Brunswick Avenue in Perth Amboy. ALEX REY mentioned in an interview with reporter  "Bringing the environment of Soho and Tribecca to Perth Amboy" Close to Staten Island and the Manhattan/New York area A & F Wholesale is really worth the trip. Alex has been in the fashion industry for over twenty years. Business is booming because Fashion and Trend is our style! We are open to the Public and sell to the people who are looking for a trendy style at an affordable price. ALEX REY mentioned "It makes me feel good to see people smile and feel good about themselves when they are wearing nice clothes"  We bring in clothing from L.A. Europe, Paris and Manhattan. Open Monday through Friday or Give us a call! 973-563-0725 Visit us at
NEW PALTZ-Looking For An Awesome Day Trip?
Why not consider the village of New Paltz, NY , home of SUNY New Paltz which even has its
own planetarium and the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art. The village of New Paltz is located
about a 1 and 1/2 hour drive from NYC. There is a bus service right from Port Authority as well
that brings you into town.
The downtown area is filled with cafes, restaurants, shops, and galleries. Two popular places to
dine are the Village Tea Room and A Tavola Trattoria as well as many more places to choose if
you prefer Mexican, Asian, Turkish, etc. If you take public transportation, then you can actually
go for a lovely walk through town and then stroll onto the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail.
For the more adventuresome, try scheduling a rock climbing outing on the Shawangunk Ridge,
considered to be one of the best rock climbing sites in North America. Or, just skip the rock
climbing and enjoy hiking on one of the carriage trails at Minnewaska State Park, where you can
also bike, swim in crystal clear waters, picnic near waterfalls, and even camp out.
New Paltz area also has wonderful farm markets and wineries, which can be found along the
Shawangunk Wine Trail.
For a Romantic stay and or fun filled family experience, visit the Mohonk Mountain House
located on the spectacular Mohonk Preserve. Minutes from the village down town area, a new
Hampton Inn has also recently opened, which reflects as well the essence of the Hudson Valley.


 MANHATTAN--Vic Juris All About Jazz in NYC

Vic Juris, residing in West Orange w his wife, vocalist Kate Baker, and their two golden doodles, , is one of the most accomplished and highly respected jazz fusion guitarists in the world.

Vic is a jazz professor at Rutgers University as well as teaches at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and Lehigh University.

Vic regularly performs at the 55 Bar in Greenwich Village  with his colleagues Jay Anderson and Anthony Pinciotti. Vic often performs at jazz venues in New Jersey such as Trumpets in Montclair, Hat City Kitchen in Orange, and clubs in upstate New York such as Live at the Falcon in Marlboro.

Vic is generous with his busy schedule, making time to teach and mentor students. He has an on-line workshop and gives private lessons. Vic has authored two books, Inside/Outside : Play Along Modern Jazz Guitar Solos and Modern Chords: Advanced Harmony for Guitar. Vic Juris and vocalist Kate Baker have co-lead music retreats and clinics in Woodstock NY and Long Beach Island, NJ in order to educate, promote and mentor young musicians. Vic has traveled and performed extensively in Europe and Asia.

Take some time to search the web and read some wonderful articles about New Jersey native and guitar master, Vic Juris !!!! Whether or not you are familiar with jazz, take some time to go and hear a live performance where you will find such influences as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Larry Coryell and other rock and jazz icons fused into Vic’s works!!!!!!

Contact Vic at his website:

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MANHATTAN--Dr. Richard Loninger has done it again! With his innovative new approach, Dr. Loninger has developed new treatments for bunions, hammertoes, and corns at Downtown NYC Foot Care. Since this procedure is a plastic surgery technique, it is less invasive than other treatments and allows for a quicker return to function. Here is how the procedure works - cosmetic incisions are placed inconspicuously in-between webspaces for hammertoe and corns so there is no visible scar. For bunions, there are incisions underneath the foot, again in an unnoticeable area.

With these procedures, patients are able to walk immediately after the procedure is completed. For Hammertoes, Corns, and Bunions, patients can return to UGG boots after three days, sneakers after ten days, and heels after six weeks! Patients can also typically exercise about three weeks after both procedures. These treatment options have a much faster recovery time compared to typical treatments. When the procedure is done on a Friday, patients can return to work on Monday!  

These cutting-edge treatments are why Downtown NYC Foot Care is the place to go! Dr. Loninger is considered an innovative doctor bringing new practices and methodologies to the curing of common foot and ankle ailments.  Dr. Loninger focuses on developing new and improved ways to help his patients minimize recovery time and maximize treatment. Check out the website for more information and to schedule your appointment! 212-766-5200

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