Business Owners Shift Their Thinking By Tapping Into The REAL Secret To Success: It Starts In Their Mind!!!

New Jersey-based Business FuDog Group Is Running A Special Event at the Bell Works Holmdel Complex For Business Owners On March 18-19 To Share The Secrets To Think Bigger And Create More Personal Growth

(New Jersey, March 6, 2023) There’s a saying that goes, “The thinking that got you here won’t get you where you want to go.” That’s a mindset limitation that almost everyone faces at some point in their life. And one New Jersey company is holding an in-person event to help people break out of this programming and limiting beliefs to create massive growth in every area of life.


Change The Channel

FuDog Group, a New Jersey-based company, is bringing together a powerful group of speakers who will teach business owners that professional success starts with personal growth.

Change The Channel gives business owners a proprietary set of tools to look inward, create massive shifts, and “change the channel” to create more personal growth.

This event solves a serious problem that holds many business owners back…


The Big Problem That Entrepreneurs Face


HOLMDEL, NJ--Mike Agugliaro is the co-founder of FuDog Group, along with his wife Jennifer and their business partner Aaron Hoos. Mike started and grew a well-known New Jersey-based home services company, Gold Medal Service, which he grew and exited in 2017. Later, he did the built and exited another New Jersey company, CEO Warrior, a training company for the home service industry.


Through the growth and successful exits of both these companies, Mike discovered that business owners were often focused on business growth but not on person growth, yet all growth starts from within. So, he and his wife partnered with another growth-minded business expert to start FuDog Group, which helps business owners and entrepreneurs look inward and create massive personal growth.


Mike, Jennifer, and Aaron have found that when someone shifts their personal growth, they create massive success in health, personal wealth, and relationships, and there’s a trickle-down effect to create massive professional success as well.


The Starting Point Of Success And Struggle


FuDog Group teaches that the starting point of all personal and professional success (or struggle) begins with something called “programming”. Everyone has programming from as far back as childhood, on every aspect of life, from health to personal wealth to relationships and so much more.


This programming shapes the beliefs, actions, and results that everyone experiences. Programming creates limiting beliefs that someone will grow to a certain point and then simply stop growing… because “the thinking that got them this far won’t let them get any farther”.


FuDog Group helps business owners shatter those personal limiting beliefs and discover new tools and strategies to shift their personal growth. They offer trainings, events, and a membership to help people.


The Event That “Changes The Channel” To Change Lives


Change The Channel brings together a number of powerful speakers who will share their journey of success and growth, and give business owners the tools to do the same.


Kevin Harrington, the star of the hit TV show Shark Tank, is the keynote speaker who will share his own journey of personal growth and how he grew up as the child of a business owner and became a TV star, business expert, and a pioneer in the “As Seen On TV” brand.


Mike Michalowicz is the author of Profit First, and other books, and he will be sharing his own journey – including the ups and downs that come with success, struggle, and more success. He’s an engaging and inspiring speaker with powerful personal growth insight.


Mark Evans, a real estate investor from Ohio, will share how he went from living in trailer park to creating multiple 7- and 8-figure businesses, and the mental shifts in his personal growth that he had to make in order to grow.


Mike Agugliaro will explain the mindset shifts that he made in his life to go from struggle to success – in his own personal life, and the result it had in his businesses.


Jennifer Agugliaro, co-founder of FuDog Group, will share her powerful perspective of personal growth as a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and more.


Aaron Hoos, co-founder of FuDog Group and author of numerous books, reveals the steps required to rapidly executed on a personal vision — the same process that helped to skyrocket his own personal and professional growth.


Michael Agugliaro, son of Mike and Jennifer, has an inspiring story of becoming a martial artist black belt and martial arts business owner as well as his own personal growth, especially in the areas of mindset and accountability.


The Steps To Growth


Change The Channel is a 2-day event that FuDog Group has run a number of times. This popular event draws a crowd of business owners who know that any growth starts inside.


When asked about what attendees will do during these two days, the FuDog Group explains their 6-step system:


Magnifying Glass Method: Pull back the curtain to reveal the hidden stories, beliefs, and habits that hold you back from achieving the greatness you desire.


Resistance Eliminator System: Illuminate the challenges and obstacles that prevent you from moving forward, and then quickly and swiftly eliminate them with a step-by-step proven process.


Vision Creation Process: Discover a bigger and more abundant future that inspires and energizes you daily to create an impact and legacy on generations to come.


Identity Makeover Accelerator: Design a new, more powerful identity that helps you grow to the next level in life quickly by taking control of every area and intentionally crafting the unstoppable person you can become.


Transformation Blueprint: Architect the exact steps of your transformation by removing the anchors that hold you back while fueling growth in the opportunities that move you forward to a life of your dreams.


Mind Power Super Fuel: Your friends and family will be SHOCKED at your transformation. You'll have confidence in a bold vision and you’ll move faster than ever to achieve it!


Get The Last Seats Now


Change The Channel is on March 18-19, at the Bell Works center in Holmdel New Jersey.


Seats are almost sold out to this event, so business owners who want to invest in their own personal growth should go to to learn more and get their seat now.