SUMMIT,NJ--Ben Bentley graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Marine Biology degree, but he has a stellar reputation above sea level as a knowledgeable and dependable roofer. Bentley founded Bentley Brothers Roofing Incorporated in 1978, and it’s been a family business from the start. He first pivoted from reefs to roofs during summer vacations, “I’d work with my brothers in the summers. It transitioned from a summer job to full-time,” he recalled in an exclusive interview with Bentley’s first employee was his youngest brother. Today, his wife manages the offices.

Bentley’s business started by repairing wooden roofs and slate shingle roofs. These days, the experts at Bentley Brothers Roofing Incorporated are equipped to fully replace wood and slate shingle roofs. He can also handle copper or flat sheen roofs and sheens within the shake or slate.

Today, Bentley maintains a full staff of eight employees who are all master mechanics. Employee experience ranges from 25 to 32 years of roofing knowledge. According to their website, they’ve trained over 150 employees and completed over 2,000 projects.

Bentley Brothers Roofing Incorporated offers a full range of services for a wide range of roofs, most notably slate roofs and wood shake roofs. The types of roofs are differentiated via their materials.

Bentley Brothers Roofing offers repair, replacement, and cleaning services for slate roofs. They offer repair and replacement for wood shake roofs and recommend cleaning them once every five years. “It elongates the durability of the roof,” Bentley explained. It’s worth noting that Bentley Brothers Roofing also offers leak repairs.

Approximately 95 percent of their clientele are residential homes. Bentley started with a client base in Summer Shore Hills, New Vernon, and Madison, New Jersey. Bentley recently expanded to Upper Montclair.

When you book a consultation, Bentley will come to your home to discuss installation and materials and develop a plan of action to suit your needs best. Most appointments occur at night or on the weekends.

 Ultimately, Bentley is proud to provide New Jersey homeowners with his unique combination of fantastic service, durable materials, and knowledgeable employees.

 “I’ve been in business for 55 years. I have a good reputation, and that’s what carries me,” Bentley said.

 Bentley Brothers Roofing Incorporated is located at 3 Watchung Avenue, Chatham, NJ 07928. They are open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.. They are closed on Sundays. To schedule a consultation, you can give them a call at (908)337-7591. You can also visit their website