Saskatchewan, CA--Justin Pryor is well-known as the owner of Moose Jaw Truck Shop, but Pryor also has an inventive streak. Coming from a long line of builders and inventors, Pryor invented a revolutionary shaving tool called the NO NICK, which seeks to provide users with a smooth shave without using a soggy shaving brush.
“My grandpa and my dad were always building things to make life easier,” Pryor recalled.
Like many inventors, Pryor came up with the idea for the NO NICK out of necessity. “That’s how I usually invent or think of anything, solving a problem in front of me. It just happened to be in the shaving industry,” Pryor explained.
Justin was looking for a solution for razor burns and clearing up some storage space in his shaving bag.
"When I was young I inherently always just worked with my hands or worked in the shop” Pryor recalled. Pryor mentions he learned to shave by watching TV, mistakenly using a MASH skit, wherein the characters prank another by telling him to shave with cold water, as a shaving tutorial.
“I was young, and the only thing I knew about shaving was that you had to use cold water. Later in life, I always had major razor burn. I’d use a shaving brush, and it always smelled like bacteria. It made my razor burn worse. So, I attributed the fact that the stinky brush was making my razor burn worse.”
While Pryor eventually realized that he needed to use hot water to shave, he still disliked using a shaving brush. So, he invented the NO NICK, a silicone shaving cream applicator that allows for a smooth shave and seamless clean-up. The No Nick’s ergonomic design is made to fit comfortably in the hand, and Pryor worked hard to ensure an ergonomic grip.
While developing the prototype, Pryor tested six to eight different kinds of designs. He eventually settled on a combination of comfort, flexible and durable. Pryor spent countless hours perfecting the durability of the NO NICK, eventually applying shaving cream to balloons to ensure that the NO NICK could handle the curvature of a face.
With subscription-based shave clubs on the rise, Pryor hopes to add the No Nick to the burgeoning lineup of men's grooming tools. He also hopes to stock the NO NICK in barbershop chains.
The NO NICK also makes an excellent gift for dads or anyone else who is hard to shop for but values practicality.
But the NO NICK isn’t just for men—customers of any age or gender may find many uses for it. It works as an excellent sunscreen applicator for kids.
Justin has already manufactured thousands of the NO NICKS
One of the most unique features of the NO NICK is its sensory-friendly application. The No Nick prevents shaving cream from getting all over someone’s hands, and the same could be said for a mess-free sunscreen or makeup application. This also makes the tool cost-effective, saving customers money and trips to the store to buy more shaving cream or sunscreen.
“When you put shaving cream on with your hands, I’ve found you can’t even see the grain of your hair. You get razor burn because you’re going in the wrong direction. The NO NICK puts it on super even, and you can still see the grain of your hair,” Pryor added.
Pryor’s wife also discovered an additional use for the No Nick. She uses it to apply makeup as an alternative to a beauty blender. Beauty blenders can often become dirty quickly and are hard to clean. The NO NICK is easy to clean. All you have to do is rinse it under warm or cold water, and the product will rinse itself clean. It dries within seconds.
The NO NICK is also portable. The small size makes it easy to store and ideal for travel, unlike a bulky shaving brush. The NO NICK fits easily into travel toiletry bags.
Eventually, Pryor hopes to have specific models for each unique application But for now, you can buy the NO NICK at NO NICK is currently retailing for fifteen dollars a unit plus shipping and handling. 
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