PERTH AMBOY NJ--Raul Dejesus is the owner of CR PARTY RENTALS & RC Vitality Health & Food located at 157 New Brunswick Avenue, Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Raul has been working hard seven days a week since the business started Sunday to Sunday with no vacations. Raul mentions in an exclusive interview with our Reporters. “It’s all worth it because the business has been growing fast and furious. I had no money when I started the business in a buyout situation with the former owner. I was a tough negotiator because I had nothing to really negotiate. I borrowed some money to make the deal happen. I noticed the prior business was always closed so I swooped in and bought it. My wife had chairs sitting outside and people started to ask to borrow or rent them. We bought one hundred more chairs and that’s how the party rental business started. We will do Wedding’s, Sweet 16’s, Kids Parties, and events.” Off to the side from all the party supplies you will notice a big selection of vitamins and supplements. Raul mentions “We have supplements for diabetes, prostate, liver, kidneys, losing weight, and gaining weight. The vitamins selection is large and can provide energy and recovery from the workouts. Massage Oils, Honey Salts, Aroma Therapy, and detox for the body. You can also find gloves and belts for working out. Please stop by and we can show you around!  


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