MANHATTAN--Dr. Richard E Loninger became interested in Medicine at an early age and completed his training in 1992.  An outstanding student at New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Richard Loninger was named the Emile Rose Scholar, which is a prestigious award that is given to the student who scored the highest academic testing throughout his/her academic career.

Dr. Loninger also studied at John Hopkins University Hospital and later went abroad to the Royal College of Medicine in India. Upon graduating  Dr. Loninger decided to open his private practice where he has two offices in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. Patients from all over the Metropolitan area including New Jersey, Connecticut and around the Country will travel to Downtown NYC Foot Care to receive this innovative treatment for Heel Pain: Radio-Frequency Lesioning.

This is a new approach for treating heel pain, heel spurs, fasciitis and neuroma. The treatment, which is incredibly successful, is a four-minute, non-invasive procedure which contains no cutting, no stitches, no orthotics and no painful cortisone shots. Tiny microfilaments are inserted in a painless manner at the site of the heel pain. Not only are there no painful injections, there is immediate recovery! There is no loss of function after the procedure, and patients can run and jump only 1 hour after the procedure. This procedure yields a 92% success rate when heel pain is inferior and an 85% success rate when heel pain is superior.

Dr. Loninger stated the following, "The machine is hooked up to the microfilaments, then emits a specialized energy called radio-frequency. This radio-frequency specifically targets cells found within the area of inflammation called nociceptor cells. The energy disorganizes these cells and recruits an augmented immune response which resolves the pain."

Downtown NYC Foot Care provides unique and personal care to all patients to make sure they get the treatment they need. A specialist can help you diagnose your pain and suggest the best possible treatment option. Dr. Loninger, the owner of the practice, is dedicated to  "giving patients the best outcomes and quickest recoveries” .  Dr. Loninger, dedicated podiatrist, has developed several cutting-edge procedures and treatment options in order to provide his patients with the most current and effective solutions and relief for foot related issues. 

 Convenient locations in the Manhattan and Brooklyn areas, click... website... Downtown NYC Foot Care is always there for its customers.

Please Call Dr. Richard E. Loninger for any questions... 212-766-5200





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Jimmy Fasulo is taking the New Jersey music scene by storm...

"You feel in your stomach when you want to do something-that's your soul telling you to do it."

            He is young, innovative, and focused. He wants to promote change and inspiration among the local music community and inspire musicians to follow their dreams, just as he has.

            Fasulo’s love of the arts all started at a young age of eight, when he really got involved in music. He was introduced to theater, and clung to the idea of going in front of audiences and being someone else. His theater talents then evolved into songwriting and eventually by fifteen, Fasulo was out booking shows for local venues. “I saw it as an opportunity to develop the character I am,” Fasulo said.

            When Fasulo saw an opportunity to make a difference in the New Jersey music scene, he took it and ran. He became involved with numerous bands like Ernston and Chasing Down Sunsets. He also became heavily involved in his local performing arts and jazz club and decided that in order to solely focus on music, he needed to drop out of school. “I had a 3.8, I’m a smart dude. But I think it’s my downfall sometimes with my decision making process. I saw me investing time in something I care about more important than investing in college,” he said. After running the idea by his parents, they supported his endeavors and he was off making a difference in the music community.

            Fasulo is ecstatic about today’s music scene. Some of his biggest inspirations for his personal projects are Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco, and Fasulo’s biggest inspiration currently, is Chance the Rapper. “We need artists who take on the title of artist,” Fasulo said, “people who are frustrated are now branching out.” Fasulo admires not only Chance the Rapper’s rise to fame, but also his involvement in his community in Chicago and his civic duties.

            Fasulo has channeled his inspiration’s beliefs and practices into his local community and wants to give back and make a difference in young musician’s lives. Currently, he is working on a pop-jazz-opera all centered on his recovery from alcohol- right around his one year mark of sobriety. But, he wants to give back to the surrounding community. “I want to be able to make something to give people the opportunities I wish I had when I was figuring out how to be an individual artist,” Fasulo said.

            That’s why he is hoping that in the coming years, he can see his plans put into actions. He is brainstorming an idea for a library-coffee lounge that will host various programs for aspiring artists, such as open mic nights, poetry readings, and jazz shows. “Basically a place that will inspire and then nurture afterwards,” he said.

            Of course, not everyone is as successful in the music industry as Fasulo has been. “I have this great opportunity to do something great and bring people together” he said, “it’s when playing make believe goes right.” But for all aspiring musicians, Fasulo wholeheartedly believes in the ‘just do it’ attitude. No matter the struggles or obstacles, it will be worth it- he said, “that thing you feel in your stomach when you want to do something- that’s your soul telling you to do it.”

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“ We Are Your Hometown Dealer Turning Customers into Friends Since 1927"       

More businesses would do well to consider adopting the mission statement of Perrine Motors , a family owned business created in 1927 by Fred Perrine. The company stands by, fosters, and focuses on promoting tremendous customer loyalty by creating an atmosphere of friendship, respect and trust. Perrine Motors was established in 1927 as a small dealership on West Railroad Avenue in Jamesburg. Mr. Fred Perrine eventually relocated the business to Buckelew Avenue after WWII at which time his son, Fred H., returning from serving in the US Navy, joined in the operation and expansion of the business. When his father unexpectedly passed away, Fred H. became the Dealer Principal. The business continued to grow successfully. Fast forward to today Fred L. Perrine, the current Dealer Principal, who maintains he always always knew he would become actively involved in the family business. Mr. Perrine, a graduate of Northwood University, relocated the dealership in 1997 to Route 130 in Cranbury, NJ. Today the family run business for over 87 years continues to expand, just completing an impressive renovation, yet their commitment to “ Turning customers into friends since 1927 “ Is their number one commitment and priority. Be sure to check out Perrine Buick GMC Located at 2730 Route 130 in Cranbury, NJ. Call 609-395-5599 Perrine offers Black Friday Deals, leasing, educator discounts, service coupons and more!!!!



Why not visit The Museum of Jewish Heritage a Living Memorial To The Holocaust! The museum is located on the Hudson River in Battery Park with stunning Views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The museum tells about Jewish life before, during and after the Holocaust through personal stories and possessions. The  museum also has special exhibitions that explore the historical events and a deep, evolving heritage. Check the museums website also for public programs that celebrate the richness of Jewish culture and ideas. The museum is part of the KULTURFESTNYC featuring theatre, concerts,films, cabarets, children's programs, tours, lectures, and workshops. www.mjhnyc.org and www.kulturfestnyc.org The museum is near the National September 11th Memorial & Museum as well as the wonderful dining and shopping at Brookfield Place!





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